Zambini Edit

Zambini was a circus performer in "Food for Thought" played by Ernie Hudson.

Early life Edit

Zambini was an abusive performer who is married to his new assistant Connie. He painted his face like a clown so the cops would not recognize him, considering the fact that while he was drunk, he confessed to Connie of killing his first assistant. Together, he and Connie does mind-reading acts for the show. Over the years, Zambini will stop at nothing to read Connie's mind. He has three obsessions; 1. Food, 2. Brandy (the drink that is) and 3. Trying to read Connie's mind (in his words wanted to taste her mind). To him, it wasn't enough for Connie to read his mind, he wants to read her mind too. He even gets real jealous when Johnny the fire-eater tries to defend Connie.

Crime Edit

When Connie was alone with Johnny, who plans on leaving the circus, Connie wants to go with him. Zambini can all of a sudden hear the voice of a woman, which he believes is Connie. The next day, Johnny saw a bruise on Connie's face, which she got from Zambini when he beat her. Connie has made up her mind and decided to leave with Johnny. Zambini's rage grows as he can hear Connie's thoughts and plans to kill Johnny. As Johnny was saying goodbye to Nabunga, the circus' man-eating gorilla, Zambini splashes a bucket of gasoline on Johnny and sent him ablaze.


Fate Edit

Connie knew that Zambini killed Johnny and leaves him forever. Zambini tries to use his mental powers to stop Connie from leaving, but she leaves anyway. Zambini yells "Fine! Go on! You'll be back! When you do, you'll be sorry!!" It has been days, and Zambini is all drunk when he went through 4 big bottles of Brandy. He got sick of waiting for Connie, he uses his powers to tell her to come back, and he got an answer. Unfortunately, with was Nabunga who answers Zambini, it was her thoughts that Zambini was reading the whole time, and it was her who picked up a meat cleaver and took it to Zambini's head. At the final moments he was horrified and cried for help before she killed him. Everyone in the circus is in total and complete shock when they Nabunga living up to her performance title as they see her eating Zambini's brain out of his severed head (ironic that Nabunga is tasting Zambini's mind instead).

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