Willa's Fate

Willa Sandleton was a young commercial/gruesome artist who appeared in 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror . She was played by Cristi Conaway.

Crime Edit

Willa is an unfaithful wife who cheats on her husband, Luden Sandleton, who is the owner and CEO of a soap company called Derma Smooth. In addition, she has very little respect for her lover or her husband. All she cares about is herself, her paintings and money. One day, Willa was going to show her art on a talk show, but was denied because of the Censors Board of the studio. Because of the art being very gruesome, it was not allowed on the show. To make matters worse for her, Luden fires her as the art designer for Derma Smooth and hires the graffiti artist that appeared on the talk show mentioned earlier. Since she can't get her job back, she demanded a divorce with half of Luden's money. However, Luden refuses the divorce and shows Willa pictures of her and her lover taken by a detective, pushing Willa to the breaking point and making her kill Luden with a large bar of soap on a rope. She repeatedly banged in Luden's skull with the soap. When her lover arrived, she wrapped Luden in a carpet and forced her lover to take the rug to the car. She drives of to the soap factory and leaves her lover behind. While at the factory, she threw Luden into the vat of glycerin and turned him into many bars of soap.


Fate Edit

Willa returns home with the box of soap so she can dissolve all of the soap in water so there will be no evidence that she killed Luden. But not before taking a shower and washing off the blood. She was out of real soap, so she used the soap made from Luden. However, she neglected to remember Luden's speech of not using animal parts in his soap because of the many types of acids in animal parts, including hydrochloric acid, and since Luden had gastric acid problems, which is why he needed antacid all the time, the soap painfully and disturbingly dissolves Willa.

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