"It's deja vu all over again when a comic-book artist finds events in her life are eerily repeating."

-- DVD description for the episode


Struggling comic book artist Rolanda gets fired from her job by her mean and demanding boss Vern. However, Rolanda finds herself experiencing the events of this one fateful day over and over again with some changes, but the same dismal results. In the end, it happens to be a comic, but with Vern as the worker and Rolanda as his boss in reality.

Opening Segment

"Looks like it's curtains for me, kiddies. Then again, maybe the Venetian blinds would look better. I don't know. When I started this little makeover, I was pretty excited. I thought a little Slaytext Paint, some new scream doors, maybe even some scare conditioning. I could turn my little doomicile into a regular pied-a-terror. But, I tell you, kiddies, between the dust and the ghost overruns, your pal the Crypt Keeper is going out of his mind! Which is kind of like the woman in tonight's terror tale. It's about a comic book artist who's about to experience a terrible case of deja boo. I call it "Whirlpool."

Closing Segment

"Poor Rolanda. All she wanted was another shot, and that's exactly what they gave her. Talk about character assassination! So, what do you think, kiddies? Am I ready for Architectural Die-gest or what? It took a while, but this old haunt is finally coming together. Nice shudders over there. A lovely fright fixture over here. As a matter of fact, I've even started thinking of some new improvements I want to make, and I'm going to use the same contractor. I'm already taking bits."


  • The basic premise of this episode resembles that of The movie Groundhog Day.



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