"One magician murders another to steal his Box of Death trick. But the disappearing act doesn't end there."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot[edit | edit source]

Inept struggling magician Miles Federman murders rival master magician Kraygen so he can steal Kraygen's Box of Death trick and finally achieve the success he's been striving for. However, events from Federman's past come back to haunt him on the night he premieres his new act.

Opening Segment[edit | edit source]


[the Crypt Keeper is practicing his French with a recording]

"Bon soir, kiddies! I was just in the middle of my French lesson. Your pal, ze Crypt Keeper has decided to see Le Mans. Imagine me in gay Scaree, sitting in a nice little cafe on the rot bank. Sipping a glass of Cha-bleed while I write ghostcards home to all my fiends. Or I could stay home and tell you tonight's tale. It concerns an ambitious young magicians who wants to expand his gore-izons, too. In a tasteless trick called Well Cooked Hams."

Closing Segment[edit | edit source]


"Poor Miles! Just when he's ready to take the hacked on the road, he ends up on the silver scream! Still, I think he deserves another chance to get it right. You know what they say - if at first you don't succeed, die, die again! As for me, kiddies, I'm just about ready to go. Got my passport, my die-tinerary, and my ticket for the con-gourd. All I need now are my shots."

[Crypt Keeper pulls out a gun and shoots himself]

"Ain't travel a blast?"

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