Capture d’écran (358)

This unidentified policeman appear in the episode "Carrion Death".

Early LifeEdit

Earl Raymond Digs was a dangerous criminal, specialized in hold-up. He was also an horrible misogynist. At certain point, he escape from prison before to be executed into electric chair and made a hold-up and mass murder with fire arm in a bank where he killed a female employer because she was not quickly for to give him the money, since a bar. Laughing on his sinister fortune at the Great Canyon, he see a policeman in moto purchasing him. Trying to escape, Earl tries to charge at him with his car. However, the policeman falls of his motorcycle, in a ravine. Ironically, the motorcycle charges at the car and Earl reaches before the collision causes an explosion. In parallel, the situation is observed by a vulture. Isolated in the desert, lamed and determinated to fleing with the money, he mocks the deceased policemen. Ironically, it was not the case. Searching the direction for Mexico on a map, he was surprise by the vulture. Sarcasstic, Earl joke on the fact he was alive and remark to the bird that there is the policeman's body. Unkown to him, the policemand was always in purchase and indicate to the bird that he he was the first predator to Earl. Also the policeman uses the bird for to find the criminal. Harrased by the two predators, Earl lost the bag and the policeman uses it for to thhrow the money in the air for to provoke him. He uses a broken signpost to lead the cop to a wrong track. In vain, because the cop uses the vulture for to find him. Refugied into an abandonned bar, Earl was attacked by the cop who handcuffs him.


However, Earl shoot him with his gun. Ironically, the cop eat keys for to open the handcuffs just before to die. However, his body was the key element for to provoke the sinister fall of Earl, devored by the vulture.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by George DelHoyo.
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