"They're dying to know. Kids believe a mortician is a murderer and sneak inside the morgue to tape him."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

A group of kids (Jason Marshden, Scott Fults, Aron Eisenberg and Jonathan Ke Quan) aspiring to be horror filmmakers break into the local mortuary to see a real dead body. However, they soon stumble upon a sinister conspiracy of murder and greed involving the town's pharmacist (Graham Jarvis) and a local mortician (John Glover), which the boys plan to expose by taking the law into their own hands and film evidence of the mortician's murderous dealings when one of the boys' fathers died from poisoned asthma medicine.

Opening Segment Edit

"Quiet on the set. Deathly quiet. Fond felicitations, fiends and welcome to the Crypt. Tonight's sordid saga is about a couple of kids with time to kill. See, they're just dying to get into the horror movie business. And if they're lucky, that's exactly what'll happen to them. Lights! Camera! Action!"

Closing Segment Edit

"Oh, well. Poor Sebastian. A brilliant career going down the drain. As for the kiddies, Josh gave up on making movies. Seemed he didn't have the guts. And the others, they became lawyers. Must have been the taste of blood. After all, they were certain they'd gotten themselves a killer. I mean, who wears shoes like that except a killer? So until next time, see you later, alligator."

Trivia Edit

  • Of the three films mentioned on this page under 'Movie Connections', two (Lethal Weapon(1987) and Radio Flyer (1992)) were directed by Richard Donner, and one (Predator(1987)) was co-produced by Joel Silver. Both Donner and Silver were co-producers of this series ( Tales from the Crypt (1989)).
  • On the pizza box is the name "Zemeckis". Robert Zemeckis is producer for the series.

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