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Ulric is a circus artist in the episode "Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone".

Early LifeEdit

Ulric was a homeless man.A night, he was aborded by dr.Emil Manfred for to become volunteer in a scientist experiment aiming at him to transplant in histhe brain, the gland of a cat, to obtain nine lives, in exchange for money. After, the doctor propose him to be recruted like a attraction into a circus for to win more money together . Quickly, Ulric becomes a sensation for the public coming to see his deaths by drowning, hanging, electrocution, by bullets.


Determined to obtain money only for him, Ulric kill Dr. Manfred by causing a car crash, knowing tht his ressurection ability epargned him and will prevent any proofs accusing it.


Strangely, his next ressurections are most are longer than others. A representation where the public was invited to shoot him with a crossbow was executed inspired a biopic movie by Roman Polanski. He project to spend holiday to Las Vegas with his assistant and girlfriend Coralee.However, this last had her own schema to kill him for to obtain all his money by stabbing him and left the circus. He made a last representation in solo where he was buried. Into the coffin, he realizes that the cat died before the transplant, leaving him eight lives and with concluded with dismay that it is really going to die. In spite of his shouts, the circus workers think that it is about a cat.

Behind the Scenes Edit