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Ulric is a circus artist in the episode "Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone".

Early LifeEdit

Ullric was originally an alcoholic, homeless derelict, who was approached by Dr. Emil Manfred to become a test subject. Dr. Manfred explained that the old adage "nine lives of a cat" was not just a saying, cats actually have a regeneration gland, and offered to transplant it into Ulric's body which would allow him to gain nine lives, in exchange for Dr. Manfred's life savings. After the surgery, Dr. Manfred shot him and Ulric was killed. One hour later, Ulric awoke, chastizing Dr. Manfred on such a stunt saying he could have been killed. Dr. Manfred replied he did indeed kill Ulric, causing Ulric to become perplexed and ask if he was killed why is he still breathing and not feeling hurt from the gunshot. Dr. Manfred explained that the transplanted gland healed all damage caused by the bullet, and this will happen eight more times, after which Ulric will stay dead like all the cats. Dr. Manfred then makes good on his agreement by shelling out a hunk of cash for Ulric, who says that he can walk out for good and drink down his fee, or they can find ways to exploit Ulric's ability, where the profits would likely make Ulric's current fee look like chump change. Dr. Manfred would use his share to further his research into longevity, and Ulric could use his share however he pleases, or as Emil remarks "enough to buy you an ocean of alcohol". Ulric opts for the latter option, and Dr. Manfred convinces a carnival barker to put Ulric on sideshow. Ulric's first show is to be drowned, then his second show is where he is hung.


After a resurrection, Ulric hands over 60% of the gate to Dr. Manfred. He feels he is being ripped off and decides to "up his profits". One rainy night, he is out for a drive with Emil. Ulric starts acting like a leadfoot, causing Dr. Manfred to protest that while Ulric may have multiple lives, he does not. Ulric snarkily remarks that is the beauty of it just as he crashes at maximum speed. Ulric resurrects within the hour and flees the scene of the crime. It was later revealed that the wrecked car was discovered by the police with Dr. Manfred's body inside. Emil's death was chalked up as an automobile accident.


Ulric's third show was to be electrocuted. However, he did not resurrect within the hour. A morgue is suddenly flooded with circus people who demand to see Ulric's body, and the mortuary attendant is shocked to see a living Ulric get off his table. In talking to the viewer about that, he remarks some resurrections took longer than others and was happy that the circus people got to the morgue before the employees got to work, for if he had been embalmed even resurrection likely could not have healed that. He project to spend holiday to Las Vegas with his assistant and girlfriend Coralee.

However, this last had her own schema to kill him for to obtain all his money by stabbing him and left the circus. He made a last representation in solo where he was buried. Into the coffin, he realizes that the cat died before the transplant, leaving him eight lives and with concluded with dismay that it is really going to die. In spite of his shouts, the circus workers think that it is about a cat.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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