"A tale of burning Hambition! A struggling actor's rehearsal for a role in Hamlet isn't what he thinks."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

A struggling, unattractive and unlucky actor (Jon Lovitz) can't get a role because of his looks. His agent and girlfriend leave him. But he doesn't intend to give up - he wants the role of Hamlet. In order to secure a part in a strange production of Hamlet, he kills off his competition (Bruce Boxleitner), only to discover too late that all the actors in the play are escaped mental patients and that he's to instead play the role of the long-deceased Yorick.

Opening Segment Edit

"Good evening, culture vultures and welcome to another installment of Mash-to-Pieces Theater. Tonight we ask the question - 'To be or not to be?' Or in this case, an actor stuck with an average face who's so sick and tired of auditioning he's willing to do almost anything. Did I say almost? I call this sickening saga Top Billing."

Closing Segment Edit

"Bravo. Encore. Well, Barry axed for the part and he got it. But, typical Barry - they still couldn't use his face. It's just as well. The critics would have cut him to pieces. I'm calling my agent. I've waited all my death to play the part of Yorick. So until next time, kiddies. Hello? I'd like to speak with my agent. What do you mean he's in a beating?!"

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