"A prescription for doom: Coworkers at a drug research firm give a cruel boss a dose of his own medicine."

-- DVD description for the episode


A scientist (Dylan McDermott) decides to get revenge when he suspects that his own lab partners (Sonia Braga and Cleavon Little) have double-crossed him by purposely injecting him with a deadly experimental virus cell with no antidote.

Opening Segment

[Crypt Keeper is seen hammering and hits his thumb]

"Damn! I love when that happens! You didn't know your old friend the Crypt Keeper was the boo-it-yourself type, did you? I'm actually pretty handy with my little ghoul box. Here's a bookshelf I just finished for my diebrary. Over there's a stand I made for my new big scream TV. And here's something else I've been working on. It's a nasty nugget about an unpleasant young man in the medicine biz who's about to get a dose of his own. I call tonight's tale This'll Kill Ya."

Closing Segment

"How about that George? Talk about connecting with your friends. There. Finished. So, what do you think, kiddies? Beautiful, isn't it? I've always wanted a swing set. Just a little something for when I'm hanging out watching the noose. See you next time."

[Crypt Keeper pulls the lever to hang the skeletons]

"Now that's what I call well-hung."


  • This was Cleavon Little's (Pack Brightman) final acting performance. He died four months after this episode aired.



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