"Fake his own death, then collect the life insurance. But a thug's get-rich scheme can go dead wrong."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

An abrasive husband who can't hold down a job and is physically and verbally abusive to his wife, comes home to tell his wife that he has lost his job again. She reminds him that they are behind on their bills and suggests she get a job. He refuses. Instead, he comes up with a scheme to make a lot of  quick money. Calling his coroner brother over, he tells them his plan to fake his own death and collect his half a million dollar policy. Making it look like a burglar has murdered him, all he has left to do is fly to Brazil, change his appearance, and wait for his wife to meet him. However, he is shocked to discover his long-suffering wife and brother have double-crossed him. Guest starring Michael J. Fox who directed the episode and James Tolkan.

Opening Segment Edit

"Greetings, boys and ghouls. I'll be with you as soon as I finish with this customer. We were just going over some of the terms of his coverage. I'll bet this is one clause he won't be getting out of. Tonight's nasty nugget concerns a man with a problem. He wants to collect on his life insurance without dying in the process. I call this little annuity, The Trap."

Closing Segment Edit

"Poor Lou. I bet he wished now that he'd gone for the term life. Even a life term would have been an improvement. Although you've got to admit, he's never looked so juiced about his future. So what do you say? Can I interest you in a policy? The benefits are great, but the screamiums will kill ya."

Trivia Edit

  • Michael J. Fox, who directed this episode and appears as the prosecutor, previously appeared alongside James Tolkan (Sergeant McClaine) in the Back to the Future (1985) trilogy.
  • Lou works for Zemeckis Pizza, as evident by the name on the back of his shirt in his first scene. This is a nod to director Robert Zemeckis, an executive producer on this series, as well as the director of the Back to the Future trilogy, which Michael J. Fox starred in.
  • Teri Garr and Bruce McGill also appeared in the movie Out Cold.

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