"Pig tales: an animated (and warped!) story of three little pigs named Dudley, Drinky, and Smokey."

-- DVD description for the episode

The Third Pig is the thirteenth episode of the seventh season of Tales from the Crypt and the ninety-third episode overall. The episode was released on July 19th, 1996.

It is the series finale.

Plot Edit

An animated horror version of the Three Little Pigs story. When the third pig is tried and convicted for the murder of his two brothers by a wolf jury, he builds a zombie Frankenpig to take out his revenge on the actual murderer.

Summary Edit

Dudley (voiced by Cam Clarke), Drinky (voiced by Brad Garrett) and Smokey (voiced by Charlie Adler) are three pig brothers living in retrospective houses made out of straw, wood and brick. After their homes are destroyed by the Big Bad Wolf (voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait), Drinky and Smokey seek refugee in Dudley's house. While Dudley provides good hospitality, both his two brothers are proven to be irresponsible due to their common addictions.

While Dudley is out, The Big Bad Wolf tricks Drinky and Smokey into letting him in before he proceeds to violently murder the defenseless little pigs. Upon stumbling into the aftermath of the massacre, a horrified Dudley calls the police, who immediately accuse him of slaughtering his brothers before being tried and found guilty in wolf court.

That night, a depressed Dudley is visited by the ghosts of his deceased brothers who tell him that The Big Bad Wolf is the killer. After escaping with their help, Dudley constructs Frankenpig (also voiced by Brad Garrett), a huge zombie-like pig and instructs him to find The Big Bad Wolf and kill him.

Frankenpig ambushes the Big Bad Wolf, drunk from drowning his thirst for the pigs, and rips out his insides before eating him whole. When Frankenpig returns to Dudley, he is put down by him. Unfortunately, this allows the Big Bad Wolf to be revived as he proceeds to beat up and eat Dudley alive as the story fades out.

Opening Segment Edit

"Hmm, 'Son of Dracula.' 'Return of the Son of Dracula.' 'The Son of Dracula's Revenge!' Is that all you can do? Vampire movies! I'm afraid that's not good enough. You'd have to be a bite more versatile to be on the frighting staff of Tales from the Crypt. Oh, hello creeps! As you can see, we've got an opening for a story deaditor. I've been conducting chop interviews all morning. No one seems to get what I'm looking for! Oh well, let's see who's next. Interesting, a brother team. Grimm. I think I've heard of them. This has potential, boils and ghouls. it's a twisted kind of gorytelling about three scaracters you may recognize... at first. It's called The Third Pig."

Closing Segment Edit

"I don't know about you kiddies, but I was happy to see the Wolf hit one out of the pork. In an hour from now, he'll be hungry again and bacon for more. You'll be happy to know, kiddies, that it looks like that opening I told you about has been filled... once we hammer out a few creative stifferences that is."

Trivia Edit

  • While John Kassir was also credited as the narrator and Cam Clarke voicing the Bailiff Wolf, this episode also features the voices of Corey Burton and Jim Cummings as different characters.
  • This is the only animated episode in the series. Its animation was provided by Nelvana.
  • The only episode of the "Tales from the Crypt" series to not be based on a story from an E.C. comic book.
  • Jess Harnell was initially cast as the narrator in a Ringo Starr style voice for this episode. But Joel Silver, although he liked what Jess has done, said it really should be the Cryptkeeper narrating.

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