"They let him into their home, not their hearts. An orphan is adopted by rich parents who hide a dark secret."

-- DVD description for the episode


A 12-year-old young orphan is adopted by a rich childless couple (William Frankfather and Grace Zabriskie) who harbor a dark secret. However, the couple themselves do not realize that the young orphan has a dark secret of his own.

Opening SegmentEdit

[upon reading "Oliver Twist"]

"What? So where's the twist? And I had such great expectations. Ah, now here's a story you can sink your teeth into. A toothsome tale of tommyrot guaranteed to scare the dickens out of you! Lean in, fright fans. I'm going to let you in on "The Secret."

Closing SegmentEdit

"Finally, the kid gets the upper hand... or should I say, the upper paw. Just when Mom and Pop were about to satisfy their sweet tooth, Theodore decides to wolf down something besides sweets! Well, that's all for now, kiddies. As one cow said to the other as they headed off to slaughter, "'til next we meat!".

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  • Larry Drake makes his second appearance in the series, having played an escaped mental patient in Tales from the Crypt: And All Through the House (1989).

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