"It's the perfect plan - but for whom? A hotshot insurance exec plans to murder his lover's tycoon husband."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

An insurance agent (Kevin Kilner) kills his obnoxious client (Don Hood) in a plot to take his money and his wife (Kim Delaney). He soon finds out however that this will be quite very difficult for him when someone (Michael Ironside) shows up to blackmail him for the murder.

Opening Segment Edit


"Eye of newt...bladder of cobra...and whisker of a rat. Oh! Hi, kiddies. I was just rustling up a sickening snack for a ghastly guest. Let's see. I need the blood of a sacrificed goat."

[The Crypt Keeper notices the goat is pregnant.]

"Whoops. It's got to be a virgin goat. Guess you're off the hook, Nelly. Tonight's story is about a different kind of sacrifice...a sacrifice made for love."

Closing Segment Edit


[The Crypt Keeper steps on a stool to put a noose around his neck.]

"Excuse me, kiddies. Be with you in a moment.

[The Crypt Keeper pushes the stool away to hang himself.]

"So this is suicide? Ah. Somehow I thought it'd have more punch. Oh well, at least Jim's big finish had a bright side. I hate to see a guy throw his life away without some dame getting a laugh out of it. So remember: If your lady's evening are all booked up, do what I do-"

[The Crypt Keeper cuts the noose with scissors and falls to the ground.]

"Drop her."

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