"Hey, it's a livin' Meet the vampire who works as a night security guard at a blood bank."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

A vampire named Donald Longtooth (Malcolm McDowell) with a conscience works within a blood bank.  When he begins to fall for a co-worker named Sally (Sandra Dickinson) and the blood bank is threatened by closing by its owner (George Wendt), Donald takes matters into his own hands to get the blood bank’s supply up as Rupert Van Helsing (Michael Berryman) closes in on him with the police (Paul Gleason).

Opening Segment Edit

"I want to suck your blood. Mm, that's not right. I want to suck YOUR blood. No, that's not it. I want to suck--Oh! Hello kiddies. You caught me in the middle of my homework. Your old pal, the Crypt Keeper, is a real believer in continuing deducation. Which brings us to tonight's murderous morsel. It's a juicy little tale about a real bloodsucker who never learned to go for the jugular. I call this plasma play The Reluctant Vampire."

Closing Segment Edit

"Ah, it's good to see two lovers so batty about each other. Now that's a relationship they can sink their teeth into. As for me, I've got to get back to work. Exams, you know. I hear the final's a real pain in the neck. Not that I'm worried or anything. So far, all my marks have been perfect! Mm."

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