"Play with fire and...a fire marshal aims to shut down a strip club where his daughter is a dancer."

-- DVD description for the episode

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Newly appointed fire marshal Inspector Martin Zeller aims to shut down the strip club that his daughter Hiley works as a dancer at. However, Zeller finds out Hiley isn't getting a scholarship for college, so he takes a bribe from sleazy club owner Puck to pay for her tuition. Nonetheless, Zeller still decides to go through with his plan to close down the club.

Opening Segment Edit

"My fellow Americans, I'm running for office because I think the political process needs a little stiff competition. It needs new bleeder-ship. It needs someone like me in the Fright House. But, you may ask, aren't there a few skeletons in your closet? Sure there are. And a vampire or two, and a werewolf. What of it? At least I'm not like the man in tonight's terror tale. He's a fire inspector who's about to learn the difference between rot and wrong. I call it "The Bribe."

Closing Segment Edit

"Poor Zeller. Tries to give his kid a shot, and it winds up going to his head. Which is better than if it went to his pocketbook! Because government needs to do more and ghost less! We have to make horrid choices and back them up with spending guts. We should demand that-"

[Crypt Keeper's hand has been severed]

"Oh. Now, that's what I call a stump speech."

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