"A tale of murder...with strings attached. An aging puppeteer suspects this much younger wife has a lover."

-- DVD description for this episode

Strung Along
Season 4, Episode 12
Air date September 2, 1992
Written by Yale Udoff
Directed by Kevin Yagher
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Plot Edit

A game of deception ensues when a golden-age puppeteer, with a young and dominant wife, is given a chance to revive his act for a tribute show and takes on an animatronic puppeteer as his new assistant.

Opening Segment Edit

"Yes! That's better. Oh hello boils and ghouls. I hope you'll excuse me if I don't get up. I'm a little stiff today, then again I'm a little stiff every day. Actually, I twisted my neck playing croak-et but it wasn't hurting the way I thought it should so I called my chiro-hackter. Of course, some people look elsewhere for their pain, like the old man in tonight's terror tale. His idea of an anti-die-otic was to marry a younger woman. Ahh! I call this plasma play Strung Along."

Closing Segment Edit

"Well, Koko may have been the puppet but in the end, Joseph was the one who paid for marrying-ette. As for me, kiddies, it seems my pain was more serious than I thought. But I'm almost finished with my scare-apy. One more adjustment, and I'll be out of here. Any time you're ready, Bones."

[Bones pulls the lever to decapitate the Crypt Keeper]

"Now, that's what I call pain in full!"

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