Stella Bishop is a college student in Creep Course. She was played by Nina Siemaszko.

Early Life Edit

During Professor Finley's Egyptology class, it is shown that Stella pays more attention in class and takes better notes than her fellow student, Reggie Skulnick. She was even praised for getting one of Finley's questions right. She even works at the college cafeteria to pay off her student loans. Reggie was having a hard time in class and is about to lose his spot on the college football team, so he asks Stella to help him. She was willing to help him study, but it wasn't working for Reggie, so he tries to convince her to help him steal the answer sheet from Finely. At first she turned him down because it's wrong and for the fact of why Reggie wants help from a bookworm like her. Reggie promises Stella to the victory party after the game if she helps with his plan. As they both share a kiss, Stella agrees to keep Finley distracted while he gets the answer sheets. Little did she know, Finley's home has the tomb of the mummy Ramseth, and Stella is to be a sacrifice to him. Stella tries to get away, but as it looked like Reggie was there to help, she was tossed into the tomb by Reggie, as proof that Reggie agreed to find a sacrifice, provided Finley gives Reggie a passing grade so he can stay on the team. Little did Reggie and Finley know, Stella was able to fool Ramseth by passing herself off as his bride to be, Nefra.

Crime Edit

While Finley was putting Reggie's body in a sarcophagus, he sees the tomb door open. Finley enters and sees Stella still alive, as she is dressed like princess Nefra. Apparently, her listening and taking good notes on Finley's lectures proved to be Finley's downfall when she remembered how possessive and jealous Ramseth is, so she use his violent jealousy and an embalming hook to kill Finley.

Fate Edit

Back at the college, Stella was brought to Detective Connors by the college dean. Stella, who was not in a right state of mind, was being questioned about her class project, and all she could say for herself is "Did I get a good grade?". Apparently, her class project was turning the corpses of Reggie and Finley into embalmed mummies for her project, as revenge for being a sacrifice to Ramseth. Stella was then arrested for the murders of Finley and Reggie; however, she gets an A on her project.

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