"She's married to a doctor. He's married to his job. And the cable repairman has caught her eye."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

A housewife (Faye Grant) who is quite very obsessed with soap operas (especially with the concepts of both passion and romance) and watches them religiously is personally annoyed that her own husband (Alan Rachins) (a doctor obsessed with experimenting on a rabbit) doesn't spend much time with her, so she begins a steamy affair with a cable guy (Anthony LaPaglia). The doctor soon wonders if maybe he could try his experiment on human subjects.

Opening Segment Edit

"Hello, golfing fiends, and welcome to the Crypt. Oh, don't mind him. That's just my caddie, Juan. He got me teed off while I was playing a I shot in hole in Juan. Which brings to mind the young woman in tonight's tale. She's also playing around, except that her game isn't golf. It's love. I call this disgusting drama "Spoiled."

Closing Segment Edit

"Well, looks like Janet and Abel have become rather attached. Talk about being stuck on each other. I guess the next time Janet wants to cable up, she'll be a little more careful about it. Anyway, I've got to get back to my game."

[Crypt Keeper hits golf ball in a skull on the ground]

"What do you know? Par for the corpse."

Trivia Edit

  • This story deals with a woman's fascination with soap operas and the cable guy who comes to fix her TV and her loneliness. There is quite a bit of self-reference to cable-TV, as this series appeared on cable - HBO - in the early days of original programming on that medium (1989-1996). When Janet's TV picture goes out, Louise convinces her to get cable. "The picture is so much better. Plus, you get HBO and everything. It would really improve the quality of your life." Janet protests that her husband, Leon, thinks cable is frivolous. Louise persists: "What? CNN frivolous? C-Span frivolous? The Weather Channel frivolous? Hah! I think not!" Later, Leon walks into the bedroom and finds the cable guy and Janet standing by the TV. He asks what's going on, and Abel explains that he had to come back to "check out the equipment". (This script is overflowing with puns.) When he switches on the set, we hear the Crypt Keeper laughing maniacally, and see the opening title for "Tales from the Crypt". Leon barks, "Turn that off." Abel complies.

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