"Two gorgeous twins. Two lookalike brothers. Two happy marriages. One killer twist!"

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

A con man (Joe Pesci) tricks a pair of reclusive twin sisters (Jacqueline Alexandra Citron and Kristen Amber Citron) into dating him so that he can steal their inheritance. However, he soon gets a nasty surprise when he shockingly discovers that the twins themselves are harboring a dark and dangerous secret.

Opening Segment Edit

"Oh, hello kiddies. Tonight's coffin caper is so crammed with ghastly greed, sickening sex and vomitous violence that parental guidance is advised. So guide your parents out of the room so we can have some fun. This tale concerns a gambling man with a bad case of double vision who's about to hit the hackpot. I call this twin helping of horror Split Personality."

Closing Segment Edit

"I guess old Vino Vick thought he could double his fun and his bank account. Too bad he was only half right. Oh well, it just proves the old saying behind every bad man there's two women with a chain saw! So kiddies, care for a little maim of chance? Deads, I win. Tails, you ooze!"

Trivia Edit

  • The only directorial effort of Joel Silver to date. Normally he is just a producer of movies and TV shows.
  • The photo of the twins' father is of Richard Donner.
  • During the Crypt Keeper's outro, if you listen closely, you can hear the exact same sound effects (including a scream and a wolf howling) isolated from the opening sequence of the series.

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