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Sebastian Esbrook is a undertaker in the episode "Undertaking Palor".


Early LifeEdit

Mr. Esbrook is a undertaker. Many urban legends tell that he gives to his victims a shave and haircut before he cuts them open pr that he had once covered a dead writer's book in his own skin. Althought these facts are not real, he was however really psychotic. He was also attracted by the librarian Lucy Groves. Attraction who was not reversed.


When the woman deceased, he smashes her head with a hammer before to embalm her, unaware that he was observed by Aaron, Norm, Jess and Josh, four teenager boys, horror movie fans, initially coming here for to film a corpse. Three of boys fleed. Since, he was visited by a pharmacian. The recent deaths are caused by a forged asthma medication so that Esbrook's business is profitable. This discussion was listened by Norm hidden under a coffin, who tell it to his friends. Initially, they don't believe him. Ironically, Josh's father died because of his forged asthma medication. Also the boys decid to denounce the plot. They investigate on the real identity to Esbrook's partner and determine that the pharmacist was Mr. Grundy. Norm was recruted by the pharmacist for to deliver medication to his clients. Also, the boys manage to mixe the medicaments with acid and to deliver it to Esbrook at his home for to compromise him in front of a camera. Purchasing Norm, he was unaware that the other boys stole compromising charge (funeral expenses) implying that he swindles Grundy and they were hidden with their camera into a shelf. A angry Grundy confront Esbrook for to swindle him. The boys have managed to put the real factures on his box letter. However, Esbrook menace him to revelate that he had also poisoned his wife. Also, Grundy menace him with a gun. In response, Esbrook knock him with the hammer before pouring him some acid into his mouth. Also the boys intervenes, declaring him to want declaring the affair to the police with their camera. He tried to menace the boys if they don't give him their camera.


However, Norm manage to use the push him the tip of the vacuum cleaner who embalm him to his horror. Mysteriously, the dead Lucy Groves smile.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by John Glover.
  • John Glover had portrayed Daniel CLAMP into "Gremlins 2" alongside Kathleen Freeman (Mrs. Miller).
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