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It's that time of fear again! So if you've been missing the Crypt Keeper, here's a chance to improve your aim. But be warned, it'll be a fright to the finish. The cadaverous cut-up is your host for a 15-episode die-gest based on classic horror comics from back in the day and featuring a parade of characters who are variously merciless, clueless, topless and headless.

Hank Azaria, Shelley Hack, Isaac Hayes, Richard Lewis, John Lithgow, Wayne Newton, Isabella Rossellini, Rita Rudner and Humphre Bogart (you read that right) are among the stars. And vampires, mad doctors, killers, ghosts and adulterers are eager to come out and play. We could tell you more, but that would be wrong. And you do know rot from wrong, don't you?

Episodes Edit

# Image Title Airdate
01 Vlcsnap-00065 Let the Punishment Fit the Crime October 31, 1994
An ambulance-chasing lawyer finds herself in nightmare court when she is hauled in for having too many digits on her license plate, She finds herself going through the court several times, with new ways of them throwing the book at her.
02 Vlcsnap-00092 Only Skin Deep October 31, 1994
Coming off a bad relationship, a man with a history of violent behavior, picks up the wrong girl at a costume party.
03 Vlcsnap-00124 Whirlpool October 31, 1994
A struggling female comic book artist finds herself trapped in a hellish world that constantly repeats itself with a tragic outcome.
04 Vlcsnap-00136 Operation Friendship November 9, 1994
A computer nerd's imaginary friend becomes all too real when he feels he's not needed anymore.
05 TFTC-Season-6-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8241275-638-480 Revenge is the Nuts November 16, 1994
A cruel man in charge of a home for the blind, gets a taste of his own medicine when the patients seek revenge for their constant abusive treatment.
06 TFTC-Season-6-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8241278-638-480 The Bribe November 23, 1994
A fire inspector gets more than he bargained for when a slimy owner of strip club he's about to shut down offers him a bribe he can not refuse.
07 MV5BMjE5Mzc5NzA2OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDY4MTU2MjE@. V1 The Pit November 30, 1994
Two martial artists are booked into the fight of the century by their overbearing wives, who despise one another.
08 TFTC-Season-6-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8241298-638-480 The Assassin December 7, 1994
A group of operatives invade the home of a housewife in search of her husband whom they believe is an AWOL CIA assassin.
09 MV5BMTcxMTQxMDU0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTI4MTU2MjE@. V1 Staired in Horror December 14, 1994
A man on the run finds refuge in a house owned by a woman who years earlier, had a curse put on her and her stairwell.
10 Vlcsnap-00186 In the Groove December 21, 1994
A frustrated talk radio host finally achieves success and resorts to anything to keep it, even murder.
11 Vlcsnap-00201 Surprise Party December 28, 1994
A man murders his father to inherit a house, but gets a big surprise when he learns the place harbors a horrible legacy.
12 Vlcsnap-00219 Doctor of Horror January 4, 1995
Two bumbling security guards aid a mad doctor in his quest to steal the souls from recently dead corpses.
13 Vlcsnap-00232 Comes the Dawn January 11, 1995
Two double crossing poachers are unknowingly setup as lunch in the Alaskan arctic.
14 MV5BOTFhOTQyNDEtNWVkZS00ZmI0LThkYTAtYmYwZjRmMTBiYzFlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzM4MjM0Nzg@. V1 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror January 18, 1995
A narcissistic young artist with a knack for gore resorts to murder when her soap-magnate husband informs her that his company is letting her go.
15 TFTC-Season-6-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8241403-638-480 You, Murderer January 25, 1995
A film-noirish game of deception, lust and murder as told through the point of view of the corpse, who just happens to look like Humphrey Bogart.
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