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Monsters, Madness, Mayhem. BAD PUNS! What kind of bonehead would do this? Oh, that kind of bonehead the Crypt Keeper!

Yes, four the beast in humor and horror, this is it; all 14 complete, uncut Season 4 episodes hosted by that netherworld naughty boy, the Crypt Keeper. Offered four your warped amusement are Split Personality, with a lounge lizard getting more than he bargains four when he marries identical twins; Werewolf Concerto with Timothy Dalton on the hunt four a lupine fiend; Beauty Rest with Mimi Rogers as an actress who'd kill four a part. Plus Brad Pitt, Treat Williams, Cathy Moriarty and other starry surprises are here four more fright-n-fun tales. Did we mention these are all in season 4? Go four it!

Episodes Edit

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