What's sinew, weirdos? All of you who say "This fabulous third season collection of Tales From the Crypt" go to the head of the crass. And take your best fiend with you!

Yes, that die-abolical punster and bone-a-fide ghoul of your dreams the Crypt Keeper is back to host this scare-rific collection of all 14 complete and uncut episodes from season 3 of the series that ran seven memorably spooktacular seasons. Among the tales spilling out of the vault are Loved to Death, with Mariel Hemingway as a woman zapped by a love potion; Top Billing starring Jon Lovitz as a struggling actor who'll do anything for a part; and Dead Wait with Whoopi Goldberg as an occult priestess who knows who do that voodoo. Doo yourself a favor and dig into this merrily macabre mix.

Episodes Edit

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