"Honey, is that you? Flimflammers aim to bilk millions from a widow by pulling off a spooktacular seance."

-- DVD description for the episode

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A pair of con artists, Benny Polosky and Alison Peters, want to swindle a rich man, Presco Chalmers, and make up this story: Benny is the lawyer of Chalmers' dead uncle Albert Peters, Alison is his daughter. Albert robbed $200,000 from the Wilmington bank in 1901, opened an illegal account where he put all the money, got arrested, spent 20 years in jail, then began a new life in Chicago, started a business, married, raised a family, and died last year. The amount of the money in the bank has reached almost $3 million. Chalmers and Alison will get the money if they pay 10% to Benny for not telling authorities that the investment was illegal in the first place. Chalmers buys the made-up story. But Benny spoils everything at the last moment, when Chalmers is about to pay the money...

Opening Segment Edit

"It was another one of those hot LA days. Things were about to get interesting when she walked in. Her name was Samantha and she was beautiful. A regular corpus delecti with a great chest..cavity, that is. Something in her socket said beware. Must've been the way she said hello to me. So, sweetheart. You say your husband's been cheating on you with another ghoul? That it? Well, I'll be glad to hear your story but first I've got a tawdry tale of my own to tell. It's about a couple of scam artists who want to make a killing, providing they don't kill each other first. I call it Seance."

Closing Segment Edit

"Well, maybe Al and Bennie will finally get together now. After all, two deads are better than one. As for Sam, it turned out she was right. Her husband was cheating on her with a zombie he met on a business trip out to the ghost. In the end, I decided to let Sam handle things her own way. Go ahead...slay it again, Sam."

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