"Residents at a shelter for the blind turn the tables on their cruel overseer. Maybe justice is blind."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

Patients at a run-down home for the blind suffer under the cruelty of its owner (Zerbe). Pretty Sheila (Polo) is a new "inmate" who becomes an unwilling pawn when the owner says he will lighten up on the others, if she agrees to have sex with him. One of the inmates is Benny, a kindly worker who saves Sheila and helps the rest lock up the evil owner.

Opening Segment Edit

"Thanks, pal, for nothing. I tell you, kiddies, things are tough all over. What with my hack-spenses going up and suddenly finding out I owe the DIE-R-S a fortune, your pal the Crypt Keeper's had to find himself a second chop. Still, it's worse for the people in tonight's terror tale. It concerns a group of inmates at the local home who've got a few horrid choices of their own to make. I call it "Revenge is the Nuts."

Closing Segment Edit

"That Grunwald, one little problem and he goes right to pieces. At least now we know what's really eating him. As for me, kiddies, I think I've got my money problems licked. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Talk about a killing!"

[Crypt Keeper puts a severed finger on a hot dog bun]

"Everybody loves finger food. Hey, you want a side of ghoul slaw with that?"

Trivia Edit

  • This is a remake of the 1972 film Tales from the Crypt stories
  • Reference to the movie Shaft when Issac Hayes said 'you got shafted'.

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