Ramseth is a mummy, owned by Professor Finley, in Creep Course. He was played by Ivan E. Roth.

Early Life Edit

According to Professor Finley, Ramseth, also known as "The Mummy Who Wouldn't Die", was once a prince of Egypt. He was a very possessive man, also violently jealous, and the main source of his obsession is Princess Nefra. Unfortunately, before marrying Nefra, Ramseth died some time before. Even in his new mummified form, his temper and jealousy did not change in death, for every year, on the anniversary of his death, he will cause a destructive rampage, looking for Nefra. However, because of Nefra dying sometime after Ramseth, presenting her to him was impossible. So instead, a human sacrifice, involving a chosen maiden, would be a substitute so he wouldn't be rampaging through the village. However, every time, he expects to see Nefra, but every time he would be disappointed, and the maiden would be killed by Ramseth every time.

Present Afterlife Edit

Finley revealed to his student/partner, Reggie Skulnick, that Ramseth was passed down from generation to generation, as his grandfather found Ramseth and claimed him as his own. In return for keeping the sacrifice in order, Ramseth would give Finley information of Ancient Egypt. However, Finley's sacrifice backfired when his latest victim, Stella Bishop, another student in Finley's class who listens to him perfectly and takes great notes, poses as Nefra and tricks Ramseth into sparing her. When Finley found Ramseth's tomb open, he sees Stella still alive and dressed to look like Nefra. She even uses Ramseth's violent jealousy to kill Finley with the use of the Egyptian embalming brain hook as revenge for being turned into a sacrifice. It is unknown what happened to Ramseth when Stella was arrested for turning Reggie and Finley's corpses into embalmed mummies for her class project.

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