Professor Finley is an Egyptology teacher and owner of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including a real mummy, in Creep Course. He was played by Jeffery Jones.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Finley, except that his Grandfather, Flinders Finley, was responsible for finding all the ancient treasures of Egypt, including Ramseth (The Mummy Who Wouldn't Die). Ramseth was handed down from generation to generation, as he is the last connection to Ancient Egypt. At his classes, he has plenty of respect for student Stella Bishop due to her paying attention to his lectures and classes, and even takes great notes, but when it comes to another student of his, Reggie Skulnick, he is shown to have very little respect and patience with Reggie, due to the fact that he mostly care about his next football game than the classes. Because of that, Finley threatens to have Reggie removed from the team if he fails the upcoming mid-term test on his lessons.

Crime Edit

When Stella was tricked into distracting Finley while Reggie gets the mid-term answer sheet, it was revealed that Finley was waiting for Stella so he can sacrifice her to Ramseth. As she tried to escape Finley, it is revealed that Reggie helped Finley lure Stella to his home for the sacrifice, as Reggie pushed Stella into the tomb. The final thing to do was to signal Ramseth with an Egyptian horn. As Reggie and Finley went upstairs for a drink, Finley gave Reggie his mid-term test, with a C, not a successful grade but enough to keep Reggie on the team. Reggie, however, decided to get greedy, threatening to reveal to the public about the artifacts in Finley's house for a large sum of money. The table have turned when Finley was explaining the ancient embalming process of Egypt. First he shows the embalming brain hook to Reggie, the he talks about an Egyptian embalming potion designed to dissolve the remaining organs, which Finley revealed that he gave to Reggie and which Reggie drank, killing Reggie in minutes. He removed Reggie's brain with the hook then put Reggie's body in a sarcophagus.

Fate Edit

Finley discovers Ramseth's tomb door opening. Finley went inside and discovered that Stella is still alive, dressed as Princess Nefra as well. Apparently, Stella listening and taking good notes proves to be Finley's downfall, especially when she remembers about Ramseth's violent jealousy, which she used to get Ramseth to kill Finley with his embalming hook, removing his brain. Stella, on the other hand, was arrested for the murder of Reggie and Finley, as they were turned into embalmed mummies for her class project, when in reality, Finley killed Reggie and Ramseth killed Finley.

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