Niles Tabot

Niles Tabot is a prison executioner in the episode "The Man Who Was Death".

Early LifeEdit

Niles work as prison executioner. He is fascinated by his own job, considering that it is an affair of justice. Ironically, he is in fact a latent psychopath, demonstrating a certain amusement to switch on the electric chair.

A night, a surprenant new change his life. The death penalty in his State is abolished. Also, Niles is fired. The director has good intentions, fearing that actual prisonners attack Niles because of his old job. Lots of bitterness, he becomes revolted when Jimmy Flood, a homophobic biker was acquited from process for a murder which he had obviously committed.


Niles murder Flood by linked the metallic portal of his garage with electric cable, causing a electrocution. His next targets were Theodore Carne and his mistress, Cynthia Baldwin, acquited for the murder of Theodore's first wife. Suspecting that they really killed her for her money, Niles electrocuted them in their jacuzzi. He tried to kill a acquited strip-dancer by linked her metallic cage with electric cable. However, the police intervenes and arrest him before he declenches it.


Ironically, the death penalty in his State is retablished and Niles in despair, was executed on the electric chair where he worked.

Behind the Scenes Edit