Myrana or Myrna is a Egyptian mummy exhibited in a freaks fair in the episode "Lower Berth".

Early Life Edit

Myrana was a young sixteen-year-old slave who was buried alive after refusing the advances of the pharaoh Casrand.

Lower Berth Edit

Many century later, she was stolen by Zachary Cling. He hires a man to extract her necklace. However, the man was found dead and castrated. Fearing a curse which makes people incapable of procreation, Zachary makes a deal with Mr. Sickles to exhibited Myrana in a freak lair and win money. Mr. Sickles, noticing her necklace, accept the offer, although suspicious when the doctor makes him a low offer. The doctor affirms that he was only a professional player, winning Myrna during a poker games with a poor archaeologist and because he had enemies, wants to had discreet benefits for to be hidden, declaring also that the necklace was false. The next day, Myrna's first exhibition was a success, giving excellent benefits for Mr. Sickles and Zachary. In parallel, Enoch fall in love for the mummy. Secretly visited by a little girl Elizabeth, he insist that she opens curtains to be able to admire his lady-love. Reprimanded by her mother, the girl, moved by the monster, goes away having given him her own doll. Later, Mr. Sickles, noticing Enoch holding the doll like it was his baby child and admiring Myrna, laughs cruelly at him by saying that he was not normal for to start a family. Mr. Sickles also notices the daily newspaper cover concerning the mummy considered priceless and understands that in fact Zachary stole her. Angry, he confronts the false doctor threatening him with shears, asking if he was interested by the necklace. However, the doctor disadvises him from to extirpate the mummy's necklace, fearing a curse which returns people incapable to procreate. A guy recruited before for to extract the collar was found dead and castrated. Don't believe him, Mr. Sickles kills him accidentally by stabbing him with shears. Frightened to be arrested for murder, Mr. Sickles open expressly Enoch's cage and put down shears there to make him accuse before to extracted Myrna's necklace in front of a angry Enoch. Feral, Enoch kill Ernest by castrating him with shears. Myrna's eye become open. When Ernest present a new exhibition, he was, with the public, highly shocked to discover that Enoch and Myrna was not here and accidentally presented the dead body of Mr. Sickles. One year later, ruined and persuaded that the monsters were kidnapped/stolen, he was contacted by a police inspector who had identified the new location where the monster pair was hidden. Visiting the cave, he notices with disgust that the two monsters were established like a couple, surprising them put to sleep together in a bed and understanding why Mr. Sickles was killed. Leaving them, he does not notice the tears of a monstrous baby, revealed to be the future CryptKeeper. Accorded by this last, Myrna and Enoch were deceased before they find out that he will become a TV star.

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