Mr. Earl Bird is an ice cream man in People Who Live in Brass Hearses. He was played by Michael Lerner.

Early life Edit

As an ice cream man, Earl is a good, kind hearted person with the kids. One day, his old employee, Billy DeLuca, whom Earl turned in to the police after learning that Billy was stealing ice cream and selling it on the side, came for some ice cream for him and his brother Virgil. Earl gave him the ice cream and his change and Billy went on his way. Little did Earl know, Billy is out for revenge after serving two years in San Quentin Prison because of Earl. At the warehouse, Earl goes to pick up some more ice cream, and doesn't know Billy and Virgil were going to steal his money and kill him. He was invited to have dinner with Miss Grafunger, the manager of the warehouse, but respectfully turns her down for personal reasons, but unintentionally offending her to. Earl has been waiting for an hour, lost his patience and drove off.


Fate Edit

Billy and Virgil arrived at Earl's house and had him at gun point. Earl claims it wasn't his idea to turn Billy in, but Billy wouldn't listen. When Billy said to Virgil "Let's show him we have means of making him talk." Virgil misunderstood and shot Earl in the head, killing him. However, Virgil and Billy were killed by Earl's Siamese twin brother, Mr. Bird. Unlike Earl, Mr. Bird didn't care about kids, what they say to him, or the rules with the ice cream trunk words "Caution: Children, slow down" spray-painted over, all the ice cream containers empty, and for the fact that he is still attached to his dead brother Earl, which would explain why he is attitude is like this.

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