Mr. Bird is the Siamese twin brother of the late Mr. Earl Bird in People Who Live in Brass Hearses. He was played by Michael Lerner.

Early life Edit

Mr. Bird loves his brother even though he can not be seen in public together because of their connection. That is why the ice cream truck has shades on the windows and windshield before Earl takes care of the customers. At home, Earl was murdered by Virgil, after misunderstanding Billy. Billy finds the money and goes to tell Virgil, but his leg was shot off, and Mr. Bird did it. Billy said he was dead, but Mr. Bird shows Billy that Virgil is dead and Mr. Bird killed him. Mr. Bird has gone mad saying to Billy "IT'S PAYBACK TIME!" He taunts Billy by saying "I bet you and your brother were real close. My brother and I, we were close, until he died. In fact, we're still close. Look at how close. LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!" and shows him the body of Earl attached to him. He then says "Brotherhood is like a bond, the kind that you can't just walk away from, you know what I mean?! Brother Earl, he wasn't quite the social butterfly, but when he did Little Willie's voice, he was the best ice cream salesman! I'm gonna miss him." Billy then calls Bird a freak, and Bird killed Billy with the shotgun that killed Earl.

Fate Edit

Mr. Bird stayed in the ice cream business, but is still in mental distraught and doesn't care about his customers, what they say, or the rules, especially with empty ice cream containers all over the truck and the words "Caution: Children, slow down" spray-painted, and he is still attached to the rotting corpse of his brother Earl.

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