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Miss Kielbasa is a greedy banker in the episode "For Cryin' Out Loud".


Early LifeEdit

During the night when Marty Slash organize "Save the Amazon" a benefit concert starring Iggy Pop and the Leather Weazl, which raises $1,000,000. In actuality, he plans to abscond with the money, as it was really for the "Marty Slash Retirement Fund", where he plans to flee to Portugal, a place with lovely beaches, pretty girls, and political instability which has damaged relations with the United States, and as such the US extradition treaty with Portugal has been nullified. As he gets ready to run away with the money, an admirer enters at his office apparently to compliment him to have to organize this benefit concert. The groupie tries to seduce him...until that she retired her own wig, revealing that she was his own banker, Mrs. Kilbasser! She noticed Slash at the bank earlier, where he emptied the account set up to finance the concert and collect the fundraising. She said there will be a lot of sad rock fans when the giant novelty check bounces. Where at first she sounds like an upright investigator, in actuality she did not report this to her superiors as she wished to get the money herself, and agrees not to tattle in exchange for $500,000. Although Marty's conscience is warning him to tell her to "go to hell", Marty agrees with her and divides the loot.


During this time, Marty Slash had a conflict of conscience, where the voice in his head was trying to get him to stop sinning. Marty's conscience told Marty to hand himself over to police, voiding Miss Kielbasa's blackmail. Slash feigns agreement with his conscience, only to bludgeon Miss Kielbasa with a guitar when she is eagerly counting the money. Marty hid the corpse in his office. However, further battles with Marty and his conscience resulted in Marty surrendering himself to the police, where he is later convicted of first-degree murder of Miss Kielbasa.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Katey Sagal.
  • Katey Sagal was very known for to portray Peggy 'Peg' Bundy in Married With Children. Lee Arenberg (Marty Slash), Sam Kinison (Marty Slash's conscience), Bobcat Goldthwait (Billy Goldman), Lewis Arquette (Ernest Feeley), Jon Lovitz (Barry Blye), Kimmy Robertson (Lisa), Kevin Brief (Detective) and Graham Jarvis (Mr. Grundy) were also guest stars in the show.
  • Later, she portray Gemma Teller Morrow in Sons of Anarchy, alongside Ally Walker (Elaine Tillman).
  • Mrs. Kilbasser was almost identical to Peggy Bundy because they are wrongly pretty, eccentric, cynical and opportunists.
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