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Mildred Korman was a housewife in the episode "Korman's Kalamity".

Early LifeEdit

Mildred was an overbearing and ruthless housewife married to the comic artist Jim Korman, constantly nagging him and bothering him at work. She was so unpleasant that his colleagues at work were frightened of her. Mildred was irrationally jealous, believing that her husband was having affairs with the women at his office. She hated his job because he preferred to be at his work even during the weekends to avoid her, and she also wanted a child, preferably a daughter similar to herself, which disgusted her husband. However, the couple was unable to conceive. Mildred ordered Jim to take some experimental fertility pills, but they had some unusual side effects. His imagination took off and he drew impressive drawings of monsters, which then came to life. While this was going on, he flirted with Lorelei Phelps, a beautiful policewoman investigating strange murders caused by monsters drawn by Jim. He confirmed a date with her by phone, only to be surprised by his wife, who had overheard their conversation. Enraged, she left the office, while an agitated Jim drew a female monster designed to resemble her.


Mildred reentered the office with a gun and threatened to murder Jim for cheating on her. However, the monster version of her came to life and revealed itself. It initially threatened Jim, but when Mildred insulted its appearance the monster turned against her and attacked. Jim left the two, and greeted Lorelai at the door. Mildred's death was not shown on screen, but was clearly implied by blood appearing on his drawings. During their date, when Lorelai asked if Jim was married he replied "not anymore".

Behind the Scenes Edit

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