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This deceased woman was Joe's wife in the episode "Only Sin Deep".

Early LifeEdit

Sylvia work as prostitute in the streets of New York, at proxiximity to yuppie Ronnie Price's appartment whom she was attracted. She was extremly narcissic, estiming that her beautiful face was her bread job. She kill a proxenet with his own gun for to stole his jewels and to resell them to Joe. This last, not interested by false jewels, propose to make her face in the plaste for to obtain her beauty in exchange for money. She has four months for to resume it. She believes that he was just eccentric. However, she see a old woman who attack and insult the antique dealer. Ironically, she was unscunscious that Pawnbroker make a voodoo ritual for to give a new youth to the body of her deceased wife.

With her money, Sylvia prepare her ascension for a new social status. She was at the elitist party and seduct Ronnie.

Her privilegied life with Ronnie become a nightmare. Sylvia become quickly a old woman. Remembering the old woman, she realize that her pact with Joe was the cause. Joe accept to reverse the spell in exchange for money. When making robber at her home, she shoot on Ronnie Price who try call cop.

She find Joe's wife becomming beautiful and demand him to restaure her beauty. However, he tried to menace her by showing her. a wanted notice for Ronnie's murder. When the cop meet Joe for information on Sylvia's location any known that the old woman was herself. Fearing to be executed with electric chair for murder, she go to stole the sculpture of her face and gone in the street. She hit by accident her former prostitute colleague Raven who insult her. The sculpture was broken and Sylvia become highly depressed, apparently destined to die.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • She was portrayed by Pamela Gordon.
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