Jack Lynch is a respected homicide detective for Scotland Yard in Confession. He was played by Ciaran Hinds.

Early Life Edit

There is nothing much to say about Jack's personal life except for the fact that he hasn't been promoted to a new rank on the force, but however, Jack is the idolized by every officer in Scotland Yard, even by his superiors, Inspector Herbert and Inspector Minty, mostly because he always gets a confession out of all the suspects he interrogates, while being within the law, of course. In addition, he is also a championship bowler, so he has his bowling nights.

Current Life Edit

During the episode "Confession", Jack was interrupted from his bowling night to interrogate a prime suspect in a series of murders in London. The murders were women in strip clubs being beheaded in the bathroom. The suspect in question is Warhol Evans, a murder mystery writer who was arrested in an ally while washing his hands. Lynch interrogated Evans for hours using Evans' murder/mystery books, criminal research, adult oriented videos and his criminal past against him. The straw that broke camel's back, however, was the phone call Evans made to his girlfriend telling her to get rid of a suitcase of his. Evans conversation was overheard by Lynch, thanks to the microphone in the phone booth. The suitcase was seized by the police, revealing to have a human head in a jar, that inspired Evans work. Evans confessed to the murders, saying that he told his girlfriend to get rid of it because the police wouldn't understand.

Crime Edit

In the end, it was revealed that Warhol Evans is in jail under false pretences. At Jack's home, Jack opened his bowling bag, revealing a false bowling ball. It was covering up the head of Scotland Yards latest victim, as Jack puts it in his refrigerator with 2 other heads belonging to other women that were murdered. Jack Lynch is the real serial killer the whole time, not Warhol Evans.

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