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"Can the geeks go Greek? College fraternity pledges face an initiation hazing in a spooky house."

-- DVD description for the episode


Three pledges for a fraternity on probation run by a soft-spoken leader and his two sidekicks are visited by a beautiful young sorority gal, who is looking for a frat to pledge her own sorority ends up tagging along with the pledges to an abandoned house where an "urban legend" murder took place years before. Led by the obnoxious head pledge master, the three pledges must enter the house and past each test given to them. The question is will they survive to join the frat?

Opening Segment

"Fright Court is now in session. Will the defendant please approach the bench? You stand accused of watching too much "Tales from the Crypt." Do you understand the charge?

[camera shakes no]

Neither do I, but I'll tell you this: if convicted, you'll receive a stiff sentence. You may even do a little horrid time. How do you bleed? Alright then. Let the trial begin. Our first piece of evidence is a tale about a couple of college boys who are about to undergo a little trial and terror of their own, in a writ of habeous corpses I call "House of Horror".

Closing Segment

"Poor Les! I know they say that college costs an arm and a leg, but this is ridiculous. Still, I think he'd have been happy to know that he was part of one last food fright. Ahh, I see we reached a verdict. Members of the gory, do you fiend the defendant guilty or not guilty?"

[pans over to show a jury of hanged skeletons]

"What do you know? A hung jury."



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