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Hans was a young body sculptural man in the episode "The Switch". He had escaped from East Germany, where he fled to the United States. Penniless and without many marketable skills, he eventually fell in with a mad doctor, working as a test subject.

Early LifeEdit

Carlton Webster was very attracted by a young woman named Linda. When he proposes her to become his wife, she refused saying that Carlton looked old enough to be her  grandfather. Determined to erase his old age for to live with her, he contact a mad doctor reputated for illegal plastic surgeon operation. The mad doctor justified that the price was high for to pay a young man named Hans voluntary for exchange face and for to obtain his fortune. However, his new face give a grotesque and morbid impression similar to a wax model. Linda was also shocked to see that his young face was in total contrast with his old body. Not resignated to abandon her, he recontact the doctor who insist on a new high price for exchange body with Hans. Carlton obtain a new sculptural body and attract Linda judging him sexy...until that she see his old legs. Carlton's exaggerated money expenses urges his domestic Fulton to resign. Carlton demand a last operation for to be totally young. The doctor insist that Carlton paid with all his own fortune if he want also obtain performing genitals. Happy to be totally young, he comes to visit Linda at her appartment. However, she had moved into another home, married with the new old millionaire Hans and had recruted Fulton as domestic, revealing that she was opportunitist all along to the now penniless Carlton's shock.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • He was portrayed by Rick Rossovich and William Hickey.
  • Rick Rossovich portrayed Matt Buchanan in Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger.