"The last straw. A seemingly mad woman held captive on a farm insists that the scarecrow is alive."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

A young farmhand (Patricia Arquette) suffers a head injury and soon believes in a delusional state that a scarecrow is her lover.

Also starring Chelcie Ross and Susan Blommaert as her abusive employers, one of whom also tries to have an affair with the farmhand.

Opening Segment Edit

"She loves me; she loves me not. She loves me; she loves me not. Ah! What do flowers know about love anyway? Well, hello there boils and ghouls. Just getting in the mood for tonight's tawdry tale a story of love and lurid lust in the dust. Sure to arouse the sickies amongst you to some heavy breathing. A tale I call "Four-Sided Triangle."

Closing Segment Edit

"That young lady certainly knew how to make her point! But what a shame for poor George and Louisa. They thought they had their labor problems all sewed up. But Mary Jo formed her own union with the scarecrow. And just when George was going to reward Mary Jo for all her hard work with a big bow-nus. Now, that is definitely not what you call safe sex. Tune in next week kiddies for another terribly traumatic tale."

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