"Forever Ambergris" is the third episode off the fifty Tales From the Crypt. The Episode debuted in October 2th 1993 
Forever amber - 1

After playing second fiddle to an up-and-coming photographer named Isaac Forte (Steve Buscemi), a seasoned but washed-up combat photographer named Dalton (Roger Daltrey) cooks up a deadly scheme in order to take him out and get his beautiful wife (Lysette Anthony).

Opening Segment


Once a famous war photographer Dalton's touch waned over the years and he's now forced to work with newcomer Isaac Forte whom he dislikes especially due to lust for the former sexy wife Bobbi. After both are assigned in an unamed country Forte is infected with a deadly flesh-eating disease, Dalton takes the opportunity to kill him and claim fame as the only survivor and also Bobbi's love. They have sex only for her to reveal she knows the truth and that the weed they just smoked was infected and begins to melt away. A frantic Dalton runs to the bathroom only to see his nose fall off...

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