"Sex, death, and rock 'n' roll. A scamming concert promoter can't escape the troubling voices in his head."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

A greedy rock promoter (Lee Arenberg) plans to run off with all of the donation money that was raised and accumulated from within a series of "Save the Amazon Rainforest" charity benefit concerts, but things unexpectedly get complicated when it turns out that his hearing problems were nothing more than his own hidden conscience (voiced by Sam Kinison). To make matters worse, a greedy banker (Katey Sagal) soon blackmails the promoter.

Cast Edit

Lee Arenberg ... Marty Slash
Katey Sagal ... Ms. Kilbasser
Iggy Pop ... Himself
Sam Kinison ... Marty Slash's conscience (voice)
Al White ... Police Officer
John Lafayette ... Older Guard
Vince Melocchi ... Young Guard
Dean Cleverdon ... Priest

Opening Segment Edit


"I always wanted to play guitar but I could never quite master the fingering. So I won't be a rock star. I'll just have to settle for being a shock star. "

[Crypt Keeper throws finger to rats]

"My groupies. Tonight's little riff is rife of sex, death and rock and roll. Now, that's entertainment. You'll meet a putrefied promoter of pop with an ear for a hit. I don't want to kill it for you. Let's just say we come into the story just when his career is getting real hot."

Closing Segment Edit


"Well, headbangers, wasn't that one a real smash? I know it was for Ms. Kielbasa. As for Marty, he was right about that noise in his head. He probably wished he was deaf but he got death instead. Until next time, fright fans. Ears looking at you!"

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