"Business is dead - and that's good! A funeral home director has a disrespectful way of treating his clients."

-- DVD description for the episode


Ezra Thornberry was a stingy funeral home director who treats his deceased clients with lack of respect. He also dislike his nephew, Bobby, so much as to crippling him for the rest of his life. Frustrated with the medical bill and a useless coffin, he killed Bobby and sawed off his legs so it can fit in the coffin. Bobby later came back and took revenge by pushing Ezra down the basement stairs and crippling him. Ezra cowardly begs for his life before Bobby killed him with his crow bar.

Opening SegmentEdit

"There you are sportsfiends. You know dead people like me make excellent point guards. When we can't get off a shot, we simply pass... away that is. Speaking of which, allow me to be your fearleader for tonight's half-time show. It's a putrid playlet about my personal favorite sport... being a mortician. I fittingly call it Fitting Punishment."

Closing SegmentEdit

"Well, looks like old Ezra learned that raising a teen is no walk in the graveyard. Now he's gonna need one of his cheap coffins for himself. That's what he gets for having a name like Ezra. As for poor Bobby, he got a pretty nasty case of athlete's foot, didn't he? I mean I heard of footloose, but yikes! Oh, well. I guess the next best thing to making a goal is becoming a ghoul. Right, kiddies?"

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  • Fitting Punishment is notably the only episode in the series with an all African-American cast.

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