"Where there's a will, there are ways. A nobleman's will sparks malevolent moves and countermoves."

-- DVD description for the episode

Plot Edit

Two adult brothers come to blows over the the fortune of their wealthy father, whose interests are protected by a lovely young woman with questionable loyalties.

Opening Segment Edit

"Greetings, travel fiends. It's so exciting being here in London. I'm already feeling right at tomb. Care to join me for a little fright-seeing? Or maybe we could find a nice pub and tuck into some authentic flesh and chips. Or we could go check out my English scare-itage. I bet you didn't know your pal, the Crypt Keeper, was one of the crowned ghouls, did you creeps? I've got all kinds of skeletons in my closet, which is kind of like the family in tonight's tale. You could call it, 'Father Knows Beast,' but I prefer "Fatal Caper."

Closing Segment Edit

"In the end Mycroft just didn't make the cut. Then again, neither had Frank. I bet that's one son-rise Mycroft wishes he'd never seen. Well, kiddies, looks like I'll be staying in England for a while. I think we'll all enjoy the trip. And when we finally do go home, I'm sure we'll have lots of souven-ears."

Trivia Edit

  • This episode was directed by Bob Hoskins, who also plays Redmond.
  • This is the first episode set in London, England.

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