Season One

# Image Title Airdate
01 TFTC-Season-1-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8239804-638-480 The Man Who Was Death June 10, 1989
After the death penalty is abolished in his state, an executioner is left jobless and decides to take the law into his own hands.
02 AATTH (19) And All Through the House June 10, 1989
After killing her husband on Christmas eve, an adulterous woman is attacked by an escaped ax-wielding maniac in a santa suit looking for someone naughty or nice.
03 DTGHRG (5) Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone June 10, 1989
A cat's gland is implanted into the brain of a homeless man giving him nine lives but he gets a little greedy when he uses his new found gift for profit by becoming a top carnival act.
04 OnlySinDeep (4) Only Sin Deep June 14, 1989
A drop-dead gorgeous prostitute eager for a career change, sells her looks to a pawnbroker and uses the money to snag a rich bachelor, but finds out that her looks seem to be deteriorating at an abnormal rate.
05 LCHTM (13) Lover Come Hack to Me June 21, 1989
When a couple find themselves stranded in an abandoned mansion on their wedding night, a gold-digging husband gets more than he bargained for when he finds out the true meaning of the phrase, "Like Mother, Like Daughter".
06 CollectionComplete (11) Collection Completed June 28, 1989
A recently retired man just wants to relax and take it easy but to his dismay, his wife has open their home to every stray animal in sight, so he decides to take up a new hobby.

Season Two

# Image Title Airdate
01 DeadRight (10) Dead Right April 21, 1990
After visiting a fortune teller, a gold-digging waitress marries a fat grotesque man in the belief he will inherit a million dollars then die.
02 Switch (5) The Switch April 21, 1990
An elderly millionaire gets a mad doctor to give him the face, torso and limbs of a younger man to win the heart of the woman of his dreams.
03 CuttingCards (4) Cutting Cards April 21, 1990
Realizing the town isn't big enough for the both of them, two rival high stakes gamblers face off against one another in deadly games of 'Russian Roulette' and 'Chop Poker'.
04 TilDeath (3) 'Til Death April 24, 1990
A hustling owner of a swampy plantation uses a voodoo potion to gain the love of a rich woman but fails to follow the directions and learns first hand, love never dies.
05 ThreesaCrowd (7) Three's a Crowd May 1, 1990
For their tenth anniversary, a down-on- their-luck couple are invited to a cabin owned by their wealthy former best man, but the unstable husband is convinced that his wife is having an affair and in turn, he commits an unbelievable faux pas.
06 TTFTG (4) The Thing From the Grave May 8, 1990
A supermodel and her photographer fall in love but when her abusive boyfriend learns of their affair he sets out to kill the photographer, but soon finds out that true love is very hard to destroy.
07 Sacrifice (6) The Sacrifice May 15, 1990
A confident insurance agent plans to kill a wealthy tycoon and marry his wife, but doesn't count on his boss blackmailing him into sharing the beautiful widow.
08 CryinOutLoud (7) For Cryin' Out Loud May 22, 1990
A crooked rock promoter hosting a benefit concert plans a scam to run off with all the money but complications arise when he starts hearing his conscience in his head.
09 Triangle (8) Four-Sided Triangle May 29, 1990
A young girl held captive on a farm suffers a head injury and believes a scarecrow to be her lover.
10 Dummy (5) The Ventriloquist's Dummy June 5, 1990
Wanting to be better at his craft, a ventriloquist seeks out his long retired idol and discovers a shocking secret.
11 Judy (5) Judy, You're Not Yourself Today June 12, 1990
Donald and Judy find themselves in a game of witchcraft when a mysterious old woman places a medallion around Judy's neck and takes over her body.
12 TFTC-Season-2-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240108-638-480 Fitting Punishment June 19, 1990
A nasty Alabama funeral home director, who uses any illegal cost saving means necessary to garner an extra buck, gets an unexpected new addition to his home when his 16-year-old nephew shows up.
13 Kalamity (12) Korman's Kalamity June 26, 1990
A "Tales From The Crypt" comic book artist suddenly has his monstrous creations come to life and commit murder.
14 TFTC-Season-2-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240135-638-480 Lower Berth July 3, 1990
When "Enoch The Two-Faced Man", the top attraction at a sideshow carnival falls ill, a mysterious stranger shows up with a new attraction, a 4 century old mummy, with a golden curse around her neck and the ability to swoon a certain two-faced freak.
15 Mute (11) Mute Witness to Murder July 10, 1990
A woman becomes mute from shock after she witnesses a man slaughter his wife from across the street. When her husband calls a doctor, who is also the murderer, he commits her to an insane asylum.
16 TelevisionTerror (9) Television Terror July 17, 1990
An arrogant television tabloid host, trying to get big ratings decides to take his crew inside a genuine haunted house rumored to be haunted by an old woman who killed half a dozen victims.
17 TFTC-Season-2-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240144-638-480 My Brother's Keeper July 24, 1990
The relationship between siamese twins becomes strained when the sensitive one refuses an operation to separate himself from his slob brother.
18 TheSecret (10) The Secret July 31, 1990
A 12 year-old-orphan is adopted and given a life of sweets and luxury by a rich couple harboring a terriying secret but little do they realize the boy may have a secret himself.

Season Three

# Image Title Airdate
01 LovedtoDeath (6) Loved to Death June 15, 1991
A writer falls for his next door neighbor even though she won't give him the time of day. When his mysterious landlord gives him a potion to make her fall in love with him, she becomes a tad clingy.
02 TFTC-Season-3-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240284-638-480 Carrion Death June 15, 1991
An escaped con running for the Mexican border ends up killing a state trooper but in the process gets cuffed to him and has to drag the corpse across the desert to freedom.
03 TheTrap (11) The Trap June 15, 1991
With the help of his wife and brother, a financial loser fakes his own death to get out of debt.
04 TFTC-Season-3-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240314-638-480 Abra Cadaver June 19, 1991
A respected doctor's career is ended when his med school brother plays a practical joke on him giving him a heart attack. Twelve years later, he exacts revenge when he uses his brother, now a doctor, as a guinea pig for his life after death experiment.
05 TopBilling (4) Top Billing June 26, 1991
A desperate out of work actor accused of not "having the look", auditions for an unusual off-off-Broadway production of Hamlet and resorts to anything to get the part.
06 DeadWait (6) Dead Wait July 3, 1991
On a war filled tropical island, a low life con man sets out to retrieve a precious black pearl belonging to a ailing millionaire.
07 ReluctantVampire (7) The Reluctant Vampire July 10, 1991
A squeamish vampire satisfies his bloodlust by working as a night watchman at a blood bank, but the owner soon realizes his business is being sucked dry so the vampire has no choice but to begin killing real victims.
08 TFTC-Season-3-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240345-638-480 Easel Kill Ya July 17, 1991
A struggling artist finds unlikely inspiration when he begins to capture the brutality of murder in his paintings.
09 Palor (6) Undertaking Palor July 24, 1991
A fiendish scheme by the town's undertaker and pharmacist to poison townspeople and benefit from the funerals is thwarted by a group of kids with a talent for video taping.
10 Mourninghouls Mournin' Mess July 31, 1991
An alcoholic down-on-his-luck reporter investigating several homeless murders discovers they may be related to the organization, "Grateful Homeless Outcasts and Unwanted Layaway Society".
11 TFTC-Season-3-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240404-638-480 Split Second August 7, 1991
Looking for a little security and excitement, A sleazy barmaid marries a once gentle lumberjack and brings him over the edge when she becomes bored and seeks out love from one of his employees.
12 Tales-from-the-crypt-season-3-12-deadline Deadline August 14, 1991
An alcoholic down-on-his-luck reporter meets a beautiful woman and seemingly cleans up his act but when he stumbles upon a homicide story to put him back on the front page it all leads back to his new found love.
13 TFTC-Season-3-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240431-638-480 Spoiled August 21, 1991
A soap opera loving housewife bored by her scientist husband always working on his top secret experiments, begins an affair with the cable guy but she doesn't count on her husband making them part of his experiment.
14 MV5BNzE3MDc1NDcwM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzc4MTU2MjE@. V1 Yellow August 28, 1991
After causing the deaths of several of his troops, a spineless son of a WWI general is accused of cowardice.

Season Four

# Image Title Airdate
01 Tales from the Crypt 4x01 001 None But the Lonely Heart June 27, 1992
A scheming con man marries wealthy elderly women to collect the insurance benefits but soon finds out their love for him will never die.
02 MV5BMWY1ODlhMmItYjg5Ni00YThlLTkxOWItOTQ3M2ExMjZlYzFiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjM4MTIyMjc@. V1 This'll Kill Ya June 27, 1992
When he gets injected with an experimental untested "H-Cell" serum, a cocky scientist believes he's been murdered and double crossed by his two business partners.
03 Vlcsnap-00009 On a Deadman's Chest June 27, 1992
A disruptive rocker who despises his bandmate's new wife, receives a tattoo that looks exactly like her, so now not only does the woman he hate get under his skin but is now on it as well.
04 Vlcsnap-00014 Seance July 4, 1992
Two con artists attempt to setup a rich tycoon but when he dies they stage a fake seance to muster the remaining money from his spiritual believing widow.
05 Vlcsnap-00026 Beauty Rest July 11, 1992
An aging down-on-her-luck model resorts to murder to get ahead and poses as her roommate to garner a beauty pageant spot that she's guaranteed to win.
06 Vlcsnap-00036 What's Cookin' July 22, 1992
A couple's failing restaurant gets a huge boost when a drifter gives them a steak recipe to die for.
07 TFTC-Season-4-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240612-345-261 The New Arrival July 25, 1992
To boost his troubled ratings, an arrogant radio child psychologist decides to do a series of shows from the home of a mother with the ultimate problem child.
08 TFTC-Season-4-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240627-345-261 Showdown August 1, 1992
After adding a Texas Ranger to his many kills, a remorseless gunslinger begins to be haunted by the spirits of all his past victims.
09 Billykotr King of the Road August 8, 1992
A cocky drag racer brings a police officer and former king of the road, back in the race when he kidnaps his daughter.
10 Vlcsnap-00035 Maniac at Large August 19, 1992
A shy library clerk is obsessed with a serial killer fearing that she will be the next victim.
11 Vlcsnap-00048 Split Personality August 26, 1992
A despicable con man concocts a scheme to marry some reclusive twins to inherit their fortune by creating a "twin" himself.
12 Vlcsnap-00058 Strung Along September 2, 1992
A game of deception ensues when a golden age puppeteer with a dominant wife is given a chance to revive his act for a tribute show and takes on a new animatronic wiz as his new assistant.
13 Thewolf Werewolf Concerto September 9, 1992
A group of guests at a secluded resort suspect that one of them may be a murderous werewolf.
14 Vlcsnap-00042 Curiosity Killed September 16, 1992
A man asks his friend to keep a youth potion away from his wife. When she suspects that they are trying to kill her, she kills them first and drinks the potion which she had switched. But she soon regrets it.

Season Five

# Image Title Airdate
01 TFTC-Season-5-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8240737-345-259 Death of Some Salesmen October 2, 1993
A sneaky cemetery plot salesman has a talent for killing people after he sells them phony tombstones. When he finds new victims, he soon learns they have a fortune buried in their cellar, but he never counted on their hatred for salesmen.
02 Leosthoughts As Ye Sow October 2, 1993
Thinking his wife is cheating on him, a jealous husband hires a detective and is lead to believe she is having an affair with the local priest.
03 Vlcsnap-00086 Forever Ambergris October 2, 1993
After playing second fiddle to an up-and-coming photographer, a seasoned but washed-up combat photographer cooks up a deadly scheme to take him out and get his gorgeous wife.
04 Vlcsnap-00096 Food For Thought October 6, 1993
A heartless freakshow clown, being taught how to read minds by his beautiful mind-reading wife, goes off the deep end when he finds out she is in love with the show's fire-eater.
05 MV5BM2RiOTAwNjEtNWU0Ni00NjA4LTgwNmYtODc4MzY4NjM4OWI3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzM4MjM0Nzg@. V1 People Who Live in Brass Hearses October 13, 1993
A smalltime criminal with the help of his slow-witted brother is out for revenge on the town's ice cream man who sent him to prison years earlier. When they attempt to rob the ice cream warehouse they end up getting a double scoop of surprise.
06 Twofortheshow Two For the Show October 20, 1993
A game of cat and mouse takes place on a train between a murdering husband and a curious cop who seemingly isn't without his own marital troubles.
07 Vlcsnap-00012 House of Horror October 27, 1993
Fraternity pledges are challenged to get to the top floor of a "haunted" house as frat brothers and sorority girls watch from outside, but strange things happen as each pledge attempt to make their way up.
08 WELLCOOKED (14) Well Cooked Hams November 3, 1993
After murdering his mentor, an untalented magician seeks something new to spice up his act, when he comes across "The Box Of Death" he finds out the true meaning of its name first hand.
09 CreepCouse Creep Course November 10, 1993
A young bookworm is tricked by the school jock and their Egyptologist professor into becoming a virgin sacrifice for a long preserved mummy.
10 MV5BMWIxYjM2ZTUtOTI2Yi00NWU2LWE1YzItMDQ2ZTU3YTI1YTllXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzM4MjM0Nzg@. V1 Came the Dawn November 17, 1993
A seemingly timid man picks up a suspicious female hitchhiker and takes her to his cabin where she discovers there's more to him than meets the eye.
11 Vlcsnap-00008 Oil's Well That Ends Well November 24, 1993
A con artist and his girlfriend plan their next caper by tricking some southern boys into thinking there is oil underneath a cemetery.
12 Rogerhorrible Half-Way Horrible December 1, 1993
A murderous two-faced businessman about to debut a new preservative discovers that all his key partners are being murdered and the killer may be closer to him than he thinks.
13 LucyJohnny2 Till Death Do We Part December 8, 1993
A young stud involved with a female mob boss begins an affair with a young waitress and when he gets caught and is ordered to kill her, all may or may not be what it seems to be.

Season Six

# Image Title Airdate
01 Vlcsnap-00065 Let the Punishment Fit the Crime October 31, 1994
An ambulance-chasing lawyer finds herself in nightmare court when she is hauled in for having too many digits on her license plate, She finds herself going through the court several times, with new ways of them throwing the book at her.
02 Vlcsnap-00092 Only Skin Deep October 31, 1994
Coming off a bad relationship, a man with a history of violent behavior, picks up the wrong girl at a costume party.
03 Vlcsnap-00124 Whirlpool October 31, 1994
A struggling female comic book artist finds herself trapped in a hellish world that constantly repeats itself with a tragic outcome.
04 Vlcsnap-00136 Operation Friendship November 9, 1994
A computer nerd's imaginary friend becomes all too real when he feels he's not needed anymore.
05 TFTC-Season-6-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8241275-638-480 Revenge is the Nuts November 16, 1994
A cruel man in charge of a home for the blind, gets a taste of his own medicine when the patients seek revenge for their constant abusive treatment.
06 TFTC-Season-6-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8241278-638-480 The Bribe November 23, 1994
A fire inspector gets more than he bargained for when a slimy owner of strip club he's about to shut down offers him a bribe he can not refuse.
07 MV5BMjE5Mzc5NzA2OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDY4MTU2MjE@. V1 The Pit November 30, 1994
Two martial artists are booked into the fight of the century by their overbearing wives, who despise one another.
08 TFTC-Season-6-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8241298-638-480 The Assassin December 7, 1994
A group of operatives invade the home of a housewife in search of her husband whom they believe is an AWOL CIA assassin.
09 MV5BMTcxMTQxMDU0NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTI4MTU2MjE@. V1 Staired in Horror December 14, 1994
A man on the run finds refuge in a house owned by a woman who years earlier, had a curse put on her and her stairwell.
10 Vlcsnap-00186 In the Groove December 21, 1994
A frustrated talk radio host finally achieves success and resorts to anything to keep it, even murder.
11 Vlcsnap-00201 Surprise Party December 28, 1994
A man murders his father to inherit a house, but gets a big surprise when he learns the place harbors a horrible legacy.
12 Vlcsnap-00219 Doctor of Horror January 4, 1995
Two bumbling security guards aid a mad doctor in his quest to steal the souls from recently dead corpses.
13 Vlcsnap-00232 Comes the Dawn January 11, 1995
Two double crossing poachers are unknowingly setup as lunch in the Alaskan arctic.
14 MV5BOTFhOTQyNDEtNWVkZS00ZmI0LThkYTAtYmYwZjRmMTBiYzFlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzM4MjM0Nzg@. V1 99 & 44/100% Pure Horror January 18, 1995
A narcissistic young artist with a knack for gore resorts to murder when her soap-magnate husband informs her that his company is letting her go.
15 TFTC-Season-6-Stills-tales-from-the-crypt-8241403-638-480 You, Murderer January 25, 1995
A film-noirish game of deception, lust and murder as told through the point of view of the corpse, who just happens to look like Humphrey Bogart.

Season Seven

# Image Title Airdate
01 Vlcsnap-00271 Fatal Caper April 19, 1996
A rich dying man makes changes to his will making his undeserving sons to seek out their long lost brother or their Inheritance goes to charity.
02 Lrdolpaw Last Respects April 26, 1996
Three sisters think they have found a way out of their troubles when they discover a monkey's paw that grants them their wishes.
03 Vlcsnap-00283 A Slight Case of Murder May 3, 1996
A game of cat and mouse ensues between a female mystery novelist and her jealous ex, when he accuses her of cheating on him with her nosey neighbor's son.
04 Vlcsnap-00309 Escape May 17, 1996
A traitor in the second World War is restricted to a prison camp and one of the men he betrayed is transported to the camp and promises to reveal his identity.
05 Vlcsnap-00354 Horror in the Night May 24, 1996
A double-crossing jewel thief is shot and hides out in a hotel where he starts to hallucinate about a mysterious beautiful woman.
06 Vlcsnap-00384 Cold War May 31, 1996
After one too many botched jobs, a young female criminal leaves her partner and all is not what it seems to be when she finds someone to make him jealous.
07 Vlcsnap-00402 The Kidnapper June 7, 1996
A young man takes in a pregnant woman and falls in love with her but becomes jealous when her child is born so he sets out to get rid of the kid forever.
08 Vlcsnap-00422 Report From the Grave June 14, 1996
After creating a machine that collects thoughts from the dead, resulting in his lover's death, a young man becomes obsessed with resurrecting her at any cost.
09 Vlcsnap-00442 Smoke Wrings June 21, 1996
A young man with a strange device is hired onto an advertising company by an esteemed executive--but what the exec doesn't know is that the young man is in cahoots with her enraged ex-partner who is out for revenge.
10 Vlcsnap-00457 About Face June 28, 1996
A priest discovers that he has two long lost daughters, beautiful Angelica and ugly Leah, who fears that because of her looks their father will leave them again and when he plans to leave he gets a big surprise.
11 Vlcsnap-00476 Confession July 5, 1996
A screenwriter finds himself as the prime suspect when a serial killer is on the rampage decapitating female heads in the city.
12 Vlcsnap-00494 Ear Today...Gone Tomorrow July 12, 1996
A gambling safecracker with a slight hearing loss gets entangled in a game between a mobster and his beautiful, exotic wife and ends up getting the auditory system of an owl.
13 MV5BZTZlNTE3YmEtMzRmMC00NDhiLWIwM2UtNzQyY2M5NjhiMThkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzM4MjM0Nzg@. V1 The Third Pig July 19, 1996
In this demented animated retelling of the classic Three Little Pigs tale, the Big Bad Wolf slaughters two of the three pigs, leaving the third, convicted of the murders. To exact revenge he creates a Franken-swine to take out the wolf forever.
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