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Dr. Emil Manfred is a mad scientist in the episode "Dig That Cat... He's Real Gone".

Early LifeEdit

Dr. Manfred had learned that the old adage "9 lives of a cat" was not just some old wives' saying, but in fact science. He dissected cats to prove his hypothesis, realizing there was a rare gland found only in felines. He also observed a dead cat would be resurrected within the hour. Dr. Manfred theorized if the gland were transplanted to another animal, it would also enjoy the nine lives. His theory failed to gain credibility in the scientific community, and he could not find test subjects. Financing his own experiments, he hired a homeless man named Ulric to be the test subject, promising that he would give his life savings to undergo surgery. Completely destitute, Ulric agreed, but wondered about this wacky theory. After the surgery, Ulric awoken and was fatally shot by Manfred. However, the theory proved true as one hour later Ulric was resurrected and his body had healed itself of the gunshot. Dr. Manfred handed over his life's savings as he promised. However, he said that large amount of cash was small potatoes compared to the potential for millions that could be made in show business.


Determined to obtain money only for him, Ulric kill Dr. Manfred by causing a car crash, knowing tht his ressurection ability epargned him and will prevent any proofs accusing it.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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