"He paints still lives -- very still lives. An aspiring artist finds success by painting people he murdered."

-- DVD description of episode

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Painter Jack Craig gains himself a wealthy patron when he sells a morbid painting. He soon finds that in order to please his patron, he must continue to paint pictures of death - and this leads him down a murderous path.

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Jack (Tim Roth) is an artist who is down on his luck. He joins a therapy group to help him cope with his life. One of the other members of the group, Sharon (Roya Megnot), takes a liking to him.

One evening, Jack's downstairs neighbor has the music on too loud and Jack asks him to turn down the music. The neighbor only turns it up louder. In his frustration, Jack shouts at him and accidentally drops a pot on the neighbor's head. The neighbor falls off his balcony and to his death. (He deserves it.) Instead of calling for help, Jack immediately grabs his paintbrush and starts to paint a morbid portrait of the dead man.

His painting is purchased by a wealthy, morbid art collector who becomes Jack's patron. The collector pays Jack an advance commission for another painting. After a heated argument with his superintendent, Jack kills her and paints her, too. The morbid art collector happily purchases this painting, too. Meanwhile his newfound success is keeping Jack from attending his therapy sessions. Sharon visits him and is initially excited by Jack's successes. However, Jack uncovers a morbid painting he has been working on, and says to her: "you don't really know me". Not understanding the morbid theme of the painting and seeing how Jack is a typical artist with a tortured soul, Sharon gets turned on by this and advances towards him saying: "Yes I do" and kisses him. They start to passionately make love in Jack's apartment. During their lovemaking, Sharon tells Jack not to "hold back" in his passion. This triggers a mental episode in which Jack envisions Sharon as the morbid art collector and tries to choke her. He immediately returns to his senses, but their lovemaking immediately stops. Realizing that Jack loves Sharon and wanting to rid himself of the wealthy patron, Jack dresses and tells Sharon not to go anywhere. Sharon is left naked under the sheets at Jack's apartment.

The collector wants one more painting from Jack and Jack is so desperate to get it that he runs back to his apartment for Sharon. By now, Sharon has realized that Jack is painting morbid paintings and wants nothing to do with him. When Jack comes for her, she runs away from him and suddenly gets hit by a car. Sharon is in the hospital and they need a specialized surgeon to heal her. For his final painting, Jack kills a random stranger on the street and paints him. He then runs back to the hospital to pay for Sharon's medical bills only to find out that the random stranger he killed was the very surgeon who was going to operate on her. Sharon dies.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating a string of deaths and find out that Jack has been painting them. So, Jack is arrested, put in prison, and lives an unhappy life.

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"Greetings, art lovers. Vincent Van Ghoul here with another morbid masterpiece sure to paint you into a coroner. Hmm. Something's not quite right. Ah, yes."

[Crypt Keeper stabs still beating heart]

"Now that's a still life. Tonight's tale concerns a painter who's tired of people giving his work the brush. I call this pestilent portrait of the artist as a young mangler Easel Kill Ya."

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"Well, Sharon's croaking is sure to leave a very bad taste on Jack's palate. What a shame she turned into such a 'Moan-a Lisa'. You know, kiddies, some artists prefer watercolors...others prefer oils...but me, I prefer finger painting."

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