Dr. Pack Brightman is a doctor in This'll Kill Ya. He was played by Cleavon Little.

Current Life Edit

Dr. Pack Brightman, along with Dr. Sophia Wagner and George Gatlin, were working on a cell designed to kill any virus by self-replicating the virus in order to kill it, which is called the H-Cell 24. However, Dr. Brightman was having zero patience with George, especially with George carelessness and irresponsibility, not only with George putting his insulin in the same fridge with the H-Cell 24, but with George shooting his mouth off about how the H-Cell 24 is safe and ready for human testing, which by the way is a lie because the H-Cell 24 was far from being ready for human testing, especially for the fact that the flaw in the H-Cell 24 has yet to be corrected; once the H-Cell 24 starts multiplying, it will not stop, thus killing the person. George treats Dr. Brightman like an enemy, claiming that none of the experiment wouldn't have happened without George or George's money. Dr. Brightman keeps telling George that this isn't a race to the bank and that George is missing the whole point of the experiment. Had enough with George's arrogance and greedy behavior, Dr. Brightman storms right out of the lab.

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