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This Unidentified doctor was a surgeon in the episode "Easel Kill Ya".

Early LifeEdit

One of his colleagues, Dr. Mowbray, a emergency doctor contact him for one of his case, Sharon mortally wounded because basculated by a car. At the hospital, Mowbray learns to a profoundly saddened Jack Craig her lover that she has no insurance to be operated.


Also, he decides to make every effort to finance it. in the parking, he strangle a man for to collect his blood and to make a new paint before to visit Malcolm Mayflower for to obtain money. Ironically, the man that he had killed was the surgeon doctor recruted by Mowbray for to operate Sharon. Distracted by his own acts, Jack also forgot his bloody brush near the body that the police notice and was suposed arrested and executed.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was portrayed by Rod Britt.
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