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Devlin Cates is a photograph in the episode "The Thing from the Grave".

Early LifeEdit

One of his top models, Stacy with a very nervous an abusive agent/boyfriend named Mitch Bruckner. When Devlin offers her refuge in his home from her terror, they ultimately fall in love and gives her a special maya necklace as symbol of love and also promises her that he'd protect her no matter what.


When Mitch learns of this, he goes into a deadly rage, attract by phone and shoot on Cates, before burying him.

Post Death Edit

since six days after, he tried to persuad a unsuspecting and worry Stacy that Devlin was in relation with others models. Searching Devlin at his home, Stacy suspect that he was killed by seeing his provisions on a table. When she listen his phone messaging, she was attacked and kidnaped by Mitch. Attached in a bedroom, she cries for help. A vicious Mitch tell her that he had buried Devlin at proximity to the house. Ironically, the dead Devlin wake, transformed into zombie. Trying to rape her, Mitch was interrupted, attacked and purchased by Devlin who buried him alive with himself. Stacy had comprehension that his lover had protect her no matter what.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • He was portrayed by Kyle Secor.
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