"Death of Some Salesman" is the 1st episode of Season 5 and the 53rd overall of the series. It debuted on October
Death of some salesmen - 2
2nd, 1993 on HBO.

A sneaky cemetery plot salesman (Ed Begley, Jr.) finds new victims (triple role played by Tim Curry) in the form of a strange hillbilly family with a fortune buried in their basement and a burning hatred for conning salesmen.


Ed Begley Jr. as Judd Campbell, the Salesman

Tom Curry as Pa Brackett / Ma Brackett / Winona Brackett

Kathe Weeks as Stella, the jilted waitress

Yvonne De Carlo as Mrs. Jones

Opening Segment

In a seedy motel room a salesman (Ed Begley Jr.) is having passionate sex with a waitress (Kathe Weeks). The waitress then assumes the woman-on-top position while the salesman's is penetrating her vagina from below. He is fucking up (literally). After the two are finished, the waitress is seen sleeping naked while the salesman is dressed up in a suit and appears to be completing some paperwork.

The naked waitress the wakes up and tells him of her plan to leave the diner, so she can spend some more time with the salesman, with whom she has presumably fallen in love. The salesman then tells the naked woman that he was only faking his love to get her to purchase a non-existent cemetery plot. She quickly covers up her breasts. curses the salesman, and gets emotional. While she is crying, the salesman leaves her naked and alone in the motel room.


1.) An insurance salesman gets a license to produce health and life insurance.

2.) He then obtains a license to produce property and casualty insurance.

3.) He teams up with a Realtor and car salesman to sell insurance to buyers of homes and cars.

4.) He earns commissions off of these sales.

Closing Segment

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