Dalton Scott is a failing war photographer in Forever Ambergris. He was played by Roger Daltrey.

Early Life Edit

Roger is a war photographer, who's photos are failing to bring in the fame they used to. Even he believes that he is all washed up, but his successor and number 1 fan, Isaac Forte, still has faith in him and wants to be successful like him.

Crime Edit

On route to the war-torn village of Valmalara, Dalton was informed that the village in question, was not hit with any nuclear weapons and any normal artillery, but was struck by canasters of germ warfare. So Dalton was warned "You go to Valmalara, you take your pictures, you never come back."; meaning that once he enters the village, he will leave the village infected with the most deadliest virus released in the village and will die.

Fate Edit

After receiving a promotion from his boss, Dalton pays his "respects" to Bobbie, who was sad here that Isaac had died in Central America. What Bobbie had mentioned to Dalton was that Dominic Salucci told her that Dalton was the one who sent Isaac to the contaminated village and that Dalton had gotten the promotion thanks to the photos that familiarized Isaac's work.

He pays condolences to Bobbi, who tells him that she received a letter from Isaac saying that she received a letter implicating Dalton in what happened to him. She says she didn't believe it, that she knows Dalton loved Isaac. They smoke and start to have sex in the bedroom. Bobbi says she saw the photos and tells him what they just smoked is the balsam from Valmalera, were Isaac contracted the deadly disease. Now Bobbi said whatever Isaac caught, they now have, saying they have to make sacrifices. She starts bleeding and rapidly decaying. Dalton pushes her off and rushes into the bathroom where he sees his nose has fallen off. Dalton looks a bloodied nose in the reflection of mirror. He screams in horror.

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